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Hts High Reunion

HEARTLINES Custom Jewelry Designs

Everyone loves my website and I am so grateful to you and your encouragement. Thank you for my wonderful website. - Linda Lundell

Banners created for the following and websites no longer on the web:

"At last to have a current web site, yeah! - Pat"   " It is so exciting to see your ideas come to life in our website! - Dana"    "Val it looks great. You can tell you put a lot of work into it. - Sue"  "Super duper job!  I love it, great job. Thank you for being so patient.  Well worth the wait when I see what you've done.  I love it. - Pat"  "I am stunned at how much work you've got done in just a few days. I love the photo gallery it is wonderful. The letters and the pictures of the soldiers are great and what I've thought should be on the site for a year. The events section is also really good.  As far as I'm concerned you are doing a fabulous job and I'm glad to see a website we can be proud to give to all the people. - Sue"  "VAL YOU ROCK!!!!!!" - Sue"  "Thanks Val for doing such a fabulous job in such a short time! - Pat"  "Terrific!  You have been a very busy girl this week... - Karen"  "It looks GREAT! - Patricia"   "AWESOME! I never realized that kind of help was needed. GREAT web-site. Great job! - Jim" "Wow...that looks like it was a lot of work to do.  What a great job.. - Linda"  "It is beautiful. It should be sent around the whole country. - Helene"  "The website is so lovely and colorful.  What a nice cause to be involved in. - Corinne"  "It's Gorgeous! - Norrie" "This looks awesome! I will definitely pass it on to everyone I know. Great Job! - Patricia"

Thanks  for the new page, I love it. Your pages are like gifts! - Eric

Showroom Finish

Thank you so much for all your time and efforts in creating a beautiful website, I'm proud to show it off to everyone. I highly  recommend them to you.  toshie


Thank you wonderful woman! This is a dream come true! I love it!!!!!!!  I like the colors you picked.  I like the home page with my name on two different colors.   All in all great job!!!!!  Thank you so much.  Thank you for all your hard work. -Shirley Riga

I cannot say enough how much I like the web site. I am so grateful for your creative prowess...It all looks better than I dreamed.

Thank you - Glory Vernon


"Love my site- it is fabulous- what a great job-the colors are nice and readable.   Thanks sooooo much-you are great." -Penni Rubin